Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tech Guide 2 - Week 4

Tech Guide 2 questions

1. What are main differences/distinction between system software and application software?

The main differences between system software and application software are;

System Software-are programs that control and support the operation of a computer system, including operating systems and database management systems.

Application software- is any program designed to perform a specific function directly for the user or for another application program.


2. What are the two main types of system software?

The two main types of system software are System Contol Programs which control the use of the software and hardware of a computer system and the System Support Program which support the operations, management of a computer system providing support services eg performance monitors.

3. What is the difference between proprietary and open source software? What considerations should be made when a business selects either software.

Proprietary Software- is software that is restricted to one party ie the holder of the liscence for the software which also has a lock on its codes making it unchangeable. The software also has a restiruction on its sale and redistribution.

If this software is chosen, it is guaranteed to have professional service ie call centres for help with the software and also its wide use around the world like Microsoft Word.

Open Source Software-Freeware software that is available in code form that is easily accessible for free from the internet. This software has the feature of allowing users to access its code allowing them to be changed.

When being selected for a business they need to check its compadibility with other programs and its ease of use and useability.

4. What are some of the legal issues involved in acquiring and using software in most businesses/organizations?

Software Licensing-A lot of software is being copied and distributed on the black market, to protect the manufactures of theses programs licenses are being used to stop illegal sale of software around the world. When a business acquries software they need enough licenses for each computer that will use it, so a lot of security is put inplace to make sure large companies like ANZ all have licenses and dont cheat the software manufactures.

5. What is meant by SaaS? Name some examples of this software.

SaaS stands for Software as a Service which is a method which allows users to access their information using a web browser using an application that is running remotely on a server somewhere. With web access, a client can get to their information almost instantanoulsy and only pay for what they use.

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